I’m a business person with a passion for personal and leadership development.

My purpose is to:

  • support individual leaders to be their best self (authentic and emotionally intelligent self), more of the time
  • support leaders to discover and live their purpose, and to reconnect to hope
  • cultivate kindness in the world by supporting leaders to experience compassion – towards themselves and others – more of the time

For the past 30 years while I have been in business, at the same time I have been studying how individuals overcome childhood trauma to go on to become successful organizational leaders.

I have researched extensively the inner journey of leaders and how it relates to long-term behavioural change and recovering from unhealed issues. When left unhealed, old traumas make themselves known through unhelpful behaviours that impact self and others (think the bully leader who grew up with an alcoholic parent who hasn’t learned how to manage her/his anger). This is such an important topic to me that I spent 8 years writing a book about it. I’m a master at the practical application — the how — of emotional intelligence and authentic leadership. Both support leaders to heal old wounds and have more effectiveness and inner peace — in the workplace.

In addition, I am the Founder and CEO of Authentic Leadership Global — supporting coaches to build diversified businesses focused on offering authentic leadership programs. As a new coach I found it daunting when I first started my business. I realized that 1:1 coaching wouldn’t create enough cash for a sustainable business so I spend 10 years developing a suite of leadership programs to deliver to my clients and diversify my revenue base. Now I offer this training and kits of content to other coaches, facilitators and HR professionals.

I’m very proud to be a member of the ViRTUS team — a Vancouver, B.C. based company that fosters emotional intelligence and authenticity as leadership differentiators. I am a better person and better at what I do because I get to hang out with the crew at ViRTUS.

What others have to say about Tana

I’m also happy to speak and do webinars, for people within the organizational world and outside of it – about authenticity, emotional intelligence and my life-long journey of recovery from childhood trauma.

I am grateful to live in beautiful Vancouver, B.C. with my husband Chris and our cat Buddy.

“Oak trees have deep roots. To get there, there has been struggle. No matter how big the wind blows, the oak stands strong. That’s Tana.”Mike Desjardins, Driver, ViRTUS