Awaken your authentic leadership

There is a positive and universal message in this book that connects the world of business with the deeper soul. It is a great read and I highly recommend it for leaders of all kinds.
— J Blue,


Cultivate your own unique style of leadership — one based on inner clarity and alignment with your values and purpose. This book is the blueprint for leaders who want to develop:

  • More meaning and fulfillment — both professionally and personally
  • Emotional and social intelligence, the real differentiator in today’s business world
  • Exceptional relationship skills combined with your strong technical and/or professional foundation
  • Your ability to manage emotions, whether you perceived as too assertive, or not assertive enough
  • Essential skills for managing others, even if this is new for you
  • Better criteria for decision making
  • Clarity about the next chapter of your life, career or business, even your retirement

Begin your inner journey and buy the book today.

COMING SOON! The companion workbook featuring the Authentic You™ Personal Planning System — the step-by-step roadmap featured in the book, which you can use to awaken your Authentic Leadership now, and for the rest of your life.

Tana shares her courageous journey to find real meaning beyond a successful career. She offers a book that is well researched with compelling insights and an opportunity to think deeply and take steps towards intentional change. The powerful questions and exercises contained within are a great resource for anyone either starting the inward journey or for those wanting to take new territory towards living authentically. As a practising coach keenly interested in human development and leadership potential this is a great resource.
— Michael Newland,



While I wrote the book to help leaders connect deeply with their authentic or best self, I had another, more personal reason as well.

I also wrote the book for leaders who have been impacted by childhood trauma. Losing a close loved one as a child, being bullied by so-called friends, surviving some form of abuse, living through a divorce — all can show up as unhelpful leadership behaviours.

As a part of my own journey I discovered a way through — to healing and letting go of of re-living the unhealed impacts of childhood trauma.

There is a movement afoot where leaders want to find their own style and be their best self; to cultivate a strong inner moral compass to navigate the murky waters of the organizational world and create great environments for others to thrive.

I discovered that the process of becoming authentic is helpful for any and every leader (regardless of any childhood difficulties).

For the first 28 years, I was asleep in my life — living on autopilot and letting it happen to me. I was digging a hole of self-destruction and enjoying (thank you very much) being in it. When I was 26 I ended my first marriage and landed in a treatment centre in Napa Valley. I woke up, saw myself in the hole, and my journey to awakening to my authentic life — one filled with more joy, meaning and purpose — began.

By the time I was 36, I had pulled myself out of the hole in the majority of situations in my life — I was happy and in a healthy relationship for the first time, I had a successful career as a budding executive, and I had done enough personal work so that the implications of the hurdles of my childhood trauma no longer ruled my life. Thanks to many counsellors, therapists and coaches, personal development workshops, not to mention the treatment centre experience, I was able to get in touch with the mother lode of anger and shame that resulted from it, and to move through to the light of possibility for my life.

From 37 until the present day, things have changed much more for the better. I can see the (metaphorical) hole, choose not to be in it, and still once in a while find myself back at the edge looking in. I live my life in service of others and aligned to my Purpose and who I am at my best — authentic — self.

I like myself, enjoy more inner peace than I have ever experienced, and the requirement for therapeutic tune-ups are much less frequent now as I am settled into my skin, can see all of life as a gift, and my experiences as key to my foundation and strength. I have the capacity and empathy to coach and support others — whatever form their journeys take.

Stay tuned for the second version of the book where I will dive deeper into the “hole” story.