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Authentic Leadership training introduced us to a completely new way of approaching our working environment, with tools to become more self-aware, to connect more deeply with our values, and to integrate this knowledge into our leadership. The training is a must for leaders seeking to create productive, motivated, emotionally mature, and supported teams. It reminds us all “how to be” as successful leaders in a modern, relevant workforce.
— Sally Thorpe



Authentic Leadership Global™ provides a program to co-create workplaces where employees and leaders can thrive. The programs support authenticity at a tactical level so application is immediate and over time, behavioural changes are long-lasting.

The program provides practical and interactive training on how to be authentic and effective, particularly in moments when intense stress makes it difficult to remain open and thoughtful about the most effective response.


Authentic Leadership Global™ helps evolve organizational cultures by partnering with:

  • Organizational Leaders
  • HR Professionals
  • Coaches (internal or external)

Those who complete our program and apply the learning become either Trainers (of Facilitators) or Facilitators only, in addition to being role models for authenticity.

Participants develop a foundation of authenticity that supports trust and connection. Further benefits include:

  • higher levels of self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • moral elevation – awareness of the importance of an ethical and life-affirming intention
  • increased psychological safety
  • resilience
  • increased capacity to stay on track and meet organizational objectives while juggling the speed and volume of day-to-day requests

Authentic Leadership has been declared the Gold Standard for organizational leadership.
— Harvard Business Review


Our Vision is to support anyone, anywhere in the world, to live and lead as their best or authentic self.

Our Mission is to promote Outer Peace through Inner Peace, one conversation at a time.

We support Organizational leaders, HR Professionals and Coaches to begin offering Authentic Leadership programs for their employees, teams and clients. These programs support individuals to step back, reconnect with who they are and what is important to them in their life in order to:

  • Lead meaningful lives connected to their values and purpose
  • Cultivate excellence in relationship skills – with themselves and others
  • Bring their unique way of leading into organizations and communities
  • Be clear about their ethics and unique way to help to make the world an even better place
  • Live each day with just a little more ease…


We are truly taking our work globally. If our Vision and Mission resonate with you and you would like to bring our work to your country, please contact me directly to set up a time for virtual tea and introductions.

A leader is anyone who steps up and influences others. An authentic leader does so with awareness, inner clarity and a life-affirming and ethical intent. Each of you has the potential to be an authentic leader.
— Tana Heminsley